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Updated schedule of calls for proposals for funding under the European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate, Environment (in Polish: FEnIKS) programme


by ​Magdalena Skurowska

5 October 2023

The FEnIKS programme, with its budget exceeding 24 billion euro, will be a major boost for businesses as it will finance:
  • infrastructural projects,
  • eco-friendly projects, including popularisation of renewable energy sources,
  • healthcare system,
  • strengthening the role of culture in social and economic life of the nation.

FEnIKS – new dates

New deadlines for calls for proposals for funding under the FEnIKS programme apply from 28 September this year.
Check especially the calls listed below lasting from 15 December 2023 to 15 February 2024. These may be particularly interesting for businesses planning investments into renewable energy sources.
  • improvement of energy efficiency (including RES plants) in large and medium-sized enterprises – budget of 188 million zloty,
  • construction and extension of renewable energy plants for biomethane production including grid connection and production of heat and/or electricity from biogas – budget of 300 million zloty.
Work on detailed measures of the calls is currently pending. They will probably offer combined forms of aid – returnable instruments (loans) on preferential terms in conjunction with non-returnable instruments such as partial forgiveness of loans or a grant.
You can find the up-to-date schedule of the calls for proposals from businesses here: 


We will keep you posted on the progress of the legislative work on the aid programmes.
Contact us – Rödl & Partner supports businesses in finding the best sources of project financing from state aid and comprehensively advises throughout the application process, including the preparation of the application documents. 


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