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Robotisation grants for small and medium-sized enterprises in the furniture industry


​by Magdalena Skurowska

3 November 2022

Applications for funding under the pilot programme "Robogrant – aid for the development of the Polish furniture industry" may be submitted from 8 November to 6 December 2022.

The programme aims to support small and medium-sized furniture companies in growing their business. The competition budget is 29 million zloty.

Programme beneficiaries 

Grants can be applied for by small and medium-sized enterprises, which:

  • manufacture furniture in Poland (classified under section 31 of the Polish Classification of Activities);
  • have generated sales revenue of no less than 3 million zloty in at least two of the three closed financial years.

Aid intensity 

For the maximum eligible project costs totalling 1 million zloty, aid intensity may be 85%, i.e. 850,000 zloty.  

Types of eligible investment projects

  • purchase, installation and commissioning of an industrial robot including complementary machines and equipment in an enterprise;
  • purchase of intangible assets necessary to install and integrate the purchased fixed assets with the machinery park so that they can be properly launched.

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