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Loans with a grant element for the use of innovative technologies in the area of environmental protection


​by Magdalena Skurowska

16 March 2023

Enterprises may apply for grants under the Innovations for Environment programme, using the abbreviated application form, until 31 March 2023. 

The programme implemented by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management aims to use innovative technologies in the area of environmental protection that will contribute to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal, including climate neutrality, green transition of economy and sustainable development.

Types of projects 

Aid will be available for innovative investment projects with a minimum value of 2 million zloty to improve efficient use of natural resources, reduce negative human impact on the environment or increase the economy's resilience to pression of the environment. They consist in: 

  • increasing production capacity by constructing a  production line or a plant for the production of innovative products
  • -implementing a new or significantly improved technology or solution in own business


The funding earmarked for the programme in this call for applications amounts to 1 billion zloty. The funding will be provided in the form of a loan granted on preferential or arm's length terms and of a grant (understood as innovative bonus after project completion). 

The loan may cover up to 85% of the project's eligible costs with an option of a bonus of up to 20% of the paid loan amount but no more than 10 million zloty, decreasing the loan principal amount. The above rules should be considered subject to restrictions arising from state aid laws.

The following loan amounts are available: 

  • for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from 1 million zloty to 100 million zloty 
  • for large enterprises from 2 million zloty to 300 million zloty 

If you do not know how to apply for funding granted under the aid programmes – contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions related to every aid programme and to provide you with end-to-end support.


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