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FENG programme – extended deadlines to apply for grants for R&D projects and implementation of innovations


​by Magdalena Skurowska

6 July 2023

According to the latest news, the deadlines for submission of applications for grants for research on new products and services in the nation-wide programme called European Funds for the Modern Economy (abbreviated in Polish to FENG), SMART path, have been extended.


Small, medium-sized and large enterprises will be able to apply for grants until 30 October 2023. This is good news for companies which plan:

  • research and development work on new or significantly improved products and services;
  • implementation of innovations that stem from research and development work (own or purchased).

The minimum value of an R&D project for large enterprises is 1 million zloty.

The eligible R&D projects may include a lot more elements such as: costs of digitalisation, implementation of ecological measures, entry on new markets, staff training. 

Grants may account for up to 80% of costs eligible for support, depending on the enterprise size and project type.

If you consider applying for this aid, contact us.


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