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Aid for energy-intensive sectors due to prices of natural gas and electricity


​by Magdalena Skurowska

30 October 2023

Another round of aid for energy-intensive enterprises was announced on 25 October 2023, with a call for applications lasting from 25 October to 8 November 2023.
The scheme's budget is 5.5 billion zloty.
The scheme is designed to provide financial support to energy-intensive businesses which incur additional costs due to high electricity and natural gas prices in 2023.
The aid will be available to energy-intensive enterprises from the mining and industrial processing sectors. The aid will be provided in either a basic or extended variant. 
All energy-intensive enterprises that operate predominantly in sections B or C of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) will be eligible for the basic aid. Energy-intensive enterprises are companies whose electricity and natural gas bills in 2021 accounted for no less than 3% of the value of production sold. 
The basic aid can be up to 50% of eligible costs, but not more than 4 million euro calculated jointly for all associated enterprises.
Extended aid will, in turn, be available to businesses that meet all of the following additional conditions:
  • operate predominantly in industries identified by the EC as particularly exposed to losing competitive edge (defined by PKD subclasses or PRODCOM codes);
  • show a negative EBITDA in 2023 or EBITDA that is lower by at least 40% compared to 2021;
  • submit an energy efficiency improvement plan by the end of the first quarter of 2024, the implementation costs of which amount to at least 30% of the aid.
The extended aid is 80% of the eligible costs up to 40 million euro, calculated in total for all associated enterprises.
The call for applications is open until 8 November 2023. 
If you are interested in more details about aid programmes, you are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions related to every aid programme and to provide you with end-to-end support.


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