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European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment 2021-2027


by Magdalena Skurowska 

14 October 2022

The European Commission approved on 6 October 2022 the EU's largest cohesion policy programme: European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate and Environment 2021-2027 (abbreviated in Polish as FEnIKS). The total amount earmarked for investments and projects is almost 29.3 billion euro (of which 24.2 billion euro from EU funds). 

FEnIKS objective

The programme is to improve conditions for sustainable development in Poland by building modern technical and social infrastructure. The programme is designed to: 

  • decarbonise the economy and transform it towards an environmentally friendly and circular economy;
  • develop an efficient and resilient transport system with the lowest possible impact on the environment;
  • complete the construction of key road sections under the TEN-T network by 2030;
  • improve transport safety, ensure equal access to healthcare and improve the resilience of the health system;
  • strengthen the role of culture in social and economic development.

FEnIKS beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the programme will be primarily: enterprises, local government units, cultural and health facilities, administrators of national roads and railways. 

The aid from the programme will be granted in the form of repayable loans and non-repayable grants.

We encourage you to keep up to date with news and calls for applications for funding planned for FEnIKS – as soon as they are made public. In particular, if your enterprise is planning to:

  • invest in energy infrastructure to help increase the share of green energy from renewable sources,
  • modernise its buildings for energy efficiency,
  • improve its manufacturing and supporting processes and utility systems in terms of energy efficiency,
  • implement hydrogen technologies,
  • recover heat from industrial processes.

If you have questions about aid programmes for enterprises in Poland, please contact our experts. 


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