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Draft law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine published


by Laura Sopata

3 March 2022 


A draft law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with an armed conflict in that state was published on 3 March 2022.


The purpose of this statute is to create a special legal framework for legalising the stay of foreigners, in particular those with Ukrainian citizenship, who have crossed the Polish border as a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.


The published draft law regulates in particular:

  •  special rules of hiring,
  • assistance provided by provincial governors,
  • creation of a special-purpose reserve to finance aid,
  • entitlements that make the stay of Ukrainian citizens legal,
  • rules for extending legal stay in Poland,
  • certain entitlements for pupils and students who are Ukrainian citizens.


The special law regulating the above issues is to come into force as early as tomorrow.


We will keep you posted as soon as new updates are available.


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