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Direct power line – investment process to be facilitated

by Jakub Plebański
13 October 2022  

The Ministry of Development and Technology (MDT) has announced legislative changes to facilitate the construction of direct power lines. Advocated by both the RES industry and energy consumers, such a solution would facilitate the construction of new renewable energy installations and let the thus produced energy be supplied directly to end users.

A direct power line is a "private" section of the grid that connects a power generating facility to an end user. What is important, it operates outside the National Power System (NPS). As a result, parties choosing to build a direct power line do not have to face the problem of limited connection capacity in this system, nor do they have to pay additional fees for the transmission of energy through the system.

Legislation in force to date has made the construction of direct power lines in Poland virtually impossible. According to the MDT, laws are going to be amended in the near future to allow such investment projects. The planned amendment is going to, among other things:

- clarify the definition of a direct power line by stipulating that a user that is at the same time connected to the National Power System may also be connected to the direct line,
- exempt a direct power line from the obligation to obtain the approval of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) in the following three cases: 
- when the direct line is used to supply energy exclusively from RES installations, 
- when a direct line is built on the real property which is legally owned by the entity applying for a direct line permit and the line will supply energy only to installations belonging to that entity or installations of entities dependent on the entity, 
- when the direct line supplies energy to an installation or user not connected to the NPS,

- stipulate that connection conditions for a direct line will have to be issued within 14 days if the energy is not to be fed into the NPS.

If you have questions about legal changes regarding direct power lines and RES installation connections, you are welcome to contact our experts. 


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