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Calls for proposals of development and implementation of innovative solutions have been announced


​by Magdalena Skurowska

14 February 2023

Enterprises may apply for grants from the European Funds for the Modern Economy (in Polish: FENG), SMART path. The call deadline may be cut short if the value of submitted applications exceeds 200% of the planned budget for the call.

 check the potential of your project

The first two calls for proposals are planned under the same programme and timeframe – one for small and medium-sized enterprises and the other one for large entities from all over Poland. 

The purpose of the calls will be to select projects that meet all the requirements of the programme and that have achieved the highest score in detailed assessment to be further recommended for funding. 


The budget of the call addressed to SMEs is as much as 4.45 million zloty, and the financial allocation to large entities is 667 million zloty.

It will be possible to obtain funding of 10% to 80% of eligible project costs, depending on the type of expenditure, the size of the enterprise and the project location.

Rödl & Partner assistance

We recommend to use the Rödl & Partner qualifier. 

Our experts also offer one-to-one consultations and comprehensive support to help you apply for a grant.
Types of eligible projects

Projects must relate to:
  • research and development, e.g. experimental development of new products/services (mandatory for large enterprises)
  • implementation of innovations arising from R&D work carried out by the applicant on its own or on its behalf or purchased by it outside the project.
The above two types of projects must aim to develop and/or implement an innovative solution, i.e.:
  • a new or improved product or service (product innovation) 
  • a new or improved business process to be integrated by the enterprise in the production of products or services (business process innovation).

The solution must be implementable in business and better satisfy the needs of customers than solutions available on the market or competitive solutions.
If your project meets the above requirements, it can also cover other areas of the enterprise, such as:

  • R&D infrastructure,
  • eco-friendly activities (so-called greening of businesses),
  • digitalisation,
  • internationalisation (promotion of products abroad),
  • obtaining protection of industrial property rights and their defence,
  • developing staff competencies.


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