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11th Sanctions package - what it introduces


by Alicja Szyrner

13 July 2023​

The Council of the European Union adopted on 23 June 2023 yet another 11th package of sanctions in connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine. The sanctions imposed in this package include mainly anti-circumvention mechanisms. 

Individual sanctions

The Council of the European Union has imposed sanctions prohibiting the use of funds or assets (asset freeze) by a further 71 individuals and 33 business entities. At the moment, the EU sanctions apply to almost 1,800 entities and individuals. In addition, the sanctioned individuals have been banned from travelling to the European Union Member States.

Economic sanctions

The economic sanctions cover, among other things, the following goods facilitating technological progress of the Russian defence and security sector:
  • navigation components,
  • optical components,
  • semiconductor materials,
  • electronic components.

Transport restrictions

The new sanctions package also introduces further transport restrictions. They include, in particular, a ban on bringing goods into the European Union on trailers and semi-trailers registered in Russia – including those towed by cars registered outside Russia.

In view of the new and the existing obligations connected with the imposed sanctions as well as the financial and criminal liability for non-compliance with them, we recommend that you thoroughly screen your potential contracting parties and the nature of your transactions. To this end, it is worth considering the introduction of relevant internal verification procedures based on the compliance system.

Do you want to identify risks and put adequate procedures to secure your interests? You are welcome to contact our experts. 


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