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Higher standard mileage rates


​by Weronika Nazarkiewicz

12 January 2023

An amendment to the regulation concerning the terms and conditions of determining and reimbursing the costs of private cars, motorcycles and motorbikes not owned by the employer but used for his business purposes will come into force on 17 January 2023.

The widely known 'mileage logbook', or a car's mileage record, is kept by employers where an employee uses his or her private car for business purposes. 

The reimbursement of car use expenses depends on the number of kilometres driven and the engine capacity.

To calculate the amount of the reimbursement, the number of kilometres reported in the mileage logbook is multiplied by a rate for 1km.  To receive it, the employee files a written statement of using his or her private car for business purposes in a respective month.

New mileage rates

Effective 17 January 2023, the rates for using cars for business purposes, paid by employers, will be as follows:

1. for a passenger car:
  • with engine capacity of up to 900 cm3 – 0.89 zloty (currently 0.5214 zloty);
  • with engine capacity of over 900 cm3 – 1.15 zloty (currently 0.8358 zloty);

2. for a motorcycle – 0.69 zloty (currently 0.2302 zloty);

3. for a motorbike – 0.42 zloty (currently 0.1382 zloty);

If you have any questions about the use of private cars for company purposes – contact us.


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