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PESEL is now blockable


by Alicja Szyrner

22 November 2023

Every person who has a Polish personal identification number PESEL (including foreigners) may block their PESEL number since 17 November 2023 – also through an attorney. 
Please remember that PESEL numbers of members of company governing bodies are disclosed in the National Court Register. Blocking the number may help to prevent identity thefts and fraudulent borrowings on behalf of another person without his/her knowledge and consent. 
You can block your PESEL number online or in person. 
Importantly, if you want to sign a contract which requires an unblocked PESEL number (for instance, a loan agreement or a real property sales agreement), you can easily unblock it temporarily. Blocking and unblocking PESEL is free of charge.
Starting from 1 June 2024, banks, lending institutions and notaries will have to check if a PESEL number of the transacting individual has been blocked before signing a contract or taking any other action. Those who block their PESEL number will be protected against commitments made without their knowledge and consent. 
Our experts will be glad to help you block your PESEL.


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