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How to register a trademark?


by Damian Dobosz

3. June 2022

Trademarks help to identify products and associate them with the seller. They symbolise the brand and help companies stand out from the crowd with e.g. company name, drawing, ornament, packaging, sounds signal. 

By registering a trademark, the company can protect and develop it, as well as build a good image and reputation of the brand.

Is your company well protected? 

A properly registered trademark protects you from unfair competition and helps you to avoid adverse financial consequences and tarnished image. A trademark is an asset of an enterprise and can be e.g. licensed for a fee.

Rödl & Partner offers assistance in determining whether your trademark may be registered and, if so, in handling all registration formalities.

Trademark registration procedure:



Trademarks are protected for 10 years (extendable) following their registration with the Patent Office.

Please contact Rödl & Partner experts, if you would like to know more on that subject or you would like to register your trademark.


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