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Our clients


Listed companies

Regulated market players must pay special attention to their statutory obligations, especially the reporting obligations. Assistance of experienced auditors is highly advisable in financial and non-financial reporting as well as audits of listed companies.


Rödl & Partner has been serving companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2002. Our clients include businesses of all industries, service providers and manufacturing companies as well. We compile, convert and audit separate and group financial statements. All our listed clients are served by a dedicated team of specialists experienced in financial statements and audits of listed companies. To address the needs of our listed clients even better Rödl & Partner has partnered with Navigator, a brokerage firm based in Warsaw.


For its listed clients Rödl & Partner can:

  • compile separate and consolidated financial statements,
  • audit separate and consolidated financial statements,
  • convert financial statements into the IAS (International Accounting Standards) format.
Foreign Investors in Poland 

Many of Rödl & Partner's clients are foreign investors doing business in Poland. Poland is an attractive location for international companies thanks to the availability of well-qualified specialists who speak foreign languages, the favourable economic conditions as well as the availability of grants and other state aid incentives (e.g. Special Economic Zones).


With the advisory services from Rödl & Partner in Poland foreign investors gain professional assistance in their undertakings on all stages.


  • At the beginning, our legal advisory services help you to choose the best legal form, cut the time necessary to set up a business and secure your investment legally. Our tax advisers will ensure the tax optimisation of your business.
  • Thanks to the capabilities of our Business Process Outsourcing, your financial accounting, HR & payroll functions end up in hands of professionals who work with international clients day by day.
  • We deliver our services in Polish, German or English and you may, additionally, use professional translation and interpreting services as well as a range of other services tailored to your specific needs (e.g. Interim Management, secretarial services, emergency accounting).
  • Your enterprise gets help in employee recruitment and in using grants for financing investments.
  • Our auditors specialised in international accounting standards and financial reporting take care of the compliance with financial reporting and financial audit requirements.

By working with Rödl & Partner our clients may take advantage of the global scale of our operations and our offices in all major economic centres of the world.

Polish investors

More and more Polish companies expand their business to the international level. When investing in or entering foreign markets they have to adjust the quality of their business processes to global standards.


Rödl & Partner has been present in Poland for over 30 years. For this reason it knows and understands the problems of Polish firms. Offering German service quality and prices adjusted to the local market, Rödl & Partner provides access to specialists who assist international corporations and foreign investors. Rödl & Partner's range of services is very broad. Polish companies may



  • experienced auditors
  • multilingual accountants and payroll specialists
  • effective lawyers
  • well-qualified tax advisers
  • professional advisers on state aid (grants)
  • specialist translators and interpreters
  • competent HR advisers






Our specialists assist Polish firms in 6 offices: Cracow, Gdansk, Gliwice, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Rödl & Partner promotes investing particularly in Germany as more and more Polish firms decide to enter the German market.

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