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Transfer Tax


Our transfer tax advisory services are addressed to enterprises which carry out business transactions, especially in connection with business financing (e.g. loan agreements, share capital increase, shareholders’ additional contributions). Our assistance aims at achieving the desired economic goal and minimising the tax burden. Our tax advisers help also individuals who sign contracts that trigger transfer tax (e.g. contracts for sale or exchange of things and property rights).

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​Transfer tax advisory services

By hiring a tax adviser you make sure that your obligations resulting from transfer tax regulations will be fulfilled properly. In the case of civil law transactions (e.g. sale or lease) and business transactions rooted in the Code of Commercial Companies (e.g. share capital increase, additional capital contributions) our tax advisers in collaboration with attorneys at law will every time check your tax obligation, your deadlines and the way to account for transfer tax, and will point out any tax avoidance opportunities.

Rödl & Partner offers assistance of its experienced tax advisers who help to secure transactions which trigger the obligation to account for transfer tax and try to work out mechanisms to avoid that tax.

​Rödl & Partner’s services in the area of transfer tax cover without limitation:

  • ongoing consulting in tax matters (including by phone);
  • assistance in identifying events which trigger the obligation to account for transfer tax, assistance in identifying the tax point, assessment of the taxable base, the amount of the tax payable and the entity obliged to account for the tax;
  • preparation of tax declarations (returns);
  • preparation of tax opinions;
  • preparation of applications for advance tax rulings;
  • drafting and reviewing agreements taking into account their tax consequences;
  • advice on restructuring processes;
  • advice on tax avoidance opportunities.
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