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Tax proceedings


Our advice on tax proceedings in Poland is dedicated to taxable persons against whom tax proceedings, tax inspections or tax inquiries have been initiated or may be initiated in the future. A lot of tax regulations are unclear and, therefore, may be interpreted in various ways, which may cause disputes with the tax authorities as to their proper application. Irregularities may be disclosed even during preliminary tax inquiries. Proceedings may be triggered also by taxpayers themselves, e.g. when they file for a refund of overpaid tax.

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​Tax proceedings advisory

The assistance of a tax adviser ensures that the tax authority will not abuse its power while conducting its duties. Our tax advisers can assist you during tax inquiries, tax inspections or tax proceedings and represent you in dealings with the authorities. They draft pleadings. They may join the proceedings after the post-inspection report is issued as well as during tax and court/administration proceedings. They will give you a real assessment of chances and risks. Professional support is crucial especially when tax proceedings, administrative enforcement proceedings and potential penal fiscal proceedings overlap.

Our team of experienced tax advisers and lawyers who know not only the applicable provisions but also the case law will defend your interest and represent you successfully in disputes before the tax authorities.

​Rödl & Partner services in this area include without limitation:

  • representation before and dealings with the tax authorities, enforcement authorities, tax inspection authorities, customs authorities and administrative courts;
  • participation in the proceedings as legal representatives or advisers;
  • organisation of the defence in tax disputes;
  • drafting pleadings;
  • analysis of your documents and books when you apply for a refund of overpaid taxes or the excess of input VAT over output VAT;
  • review of documents and tax records when you receive a notification on a planned tax inspection.

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