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Personal Income Tax (PIT)


As regards personal income tax, Rödl & Partner's experts assist individuals as well as enterprises, including partners in partnerships.

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​PIT advisory services

Thanks to the professional PIT advice, you get help in ongoing dealings with the taxman as well as in complex tax situations which involve cross-border aspects, e.g. taxation of migrating employees or transactions on real properties abroad. Our expert support allows you to secure your interest by identifying and eliminating tax risk areas.

Rödl & Partner's tax advisers offer help to residents who earn revenues both in Poland and abroad, as well as to non-residents obliged to account for their taxes in Poland. Our services are based on unrivalled knowledge and rich practical experience which result from over 25 years of presence on the Polish market as well as on experience in ensuring fiscal security of cross-boarder transactions in collaboration with Rödl & Partner experts around the world.

​Rödl & Partner services in terms of PIT include without limitation:

  • ongoing consulting in tax matters (including by phone);
  • advice on tax avoidance opportunities;
  • preparation of tax returns;
  • preparation of tax opinions;
  • preparation of applications for advance tax rulings;
  • drafting and reviewing agreements taking into account their tax consequences;
  • application of double taxation avoidance agreements;
  • advice on taxation of controlled foreign corporations;
  • advice on taxation of foreign management staff in Poland;
  • advice on taxation of Polish employees seconded (posted) to work abroad and foreign employees seconded to work in Poland;
  • advice on taxation of employees benefits, such as: medical plans, company cars, integration events;
  • advice on social insurance.

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