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GDPR compliance audit


A GDPR audit assesses your company's compliance with the GDPR standards. The audit checks individual business areas which process personal data, such as HR, sales, marketing, administration, accounting. It helps to check if you meet the basic rules of personal data processing. Other services in our portfolio include comprehensive GDPR implementation in your company based on the audit findings.

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Our services include the following tasks:
  •  interviews with persons holding key positions in your company to verify the principles of personal data processing (e.g. identification data of employees, customers, suppliers, guests, etc.), data processing procedures (e.g. data storage, use, transfer through transmission etc.) and purposes of the processing (e.g. contract management, employment relationships, marketing purposes, profiling etc.), as well as the methods of processing of the data,
  • identification of processing activities,
  • assess the basis for personal data collection and processing,
  • analysis of documents and procedures related to the protection of personal data,
  • evaluation of the rules for providing personal data to group entities and third parties for processing in terms of the GDPR,
  • preparation of an audit report containing recommendations as to how your company should apply the GDPR to identify the most appropriate technical and organisational measures to increase personal data protection, as well as corrective actions that you should take to ensure compliance with the GDPR and to improve the existing procedures or implement new ones.


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Jarosław Hein

Attorney at law (Poland), Tax adviser (Poland)


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Jarosław Kamiński

Attorney at law (Poland)

Associate Partner

+48 694 207 482

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