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Payroll outsourcing


Payroll outsourcing services aim at lowering the client's administrative costs while keeping the wages and salaries in secret.

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Thanks to our payroll outsourcing services in Poland you can avoid the costs of software upgrades and professional training of payroll staff while maintaining access to the most up-to-date knowledge of experienced experts. The payroll outsourcing also guarantees confidentiality of the payroll data.

For over 30 years Rödl & Partner has been following the evolution of Polish payroll legislation for its clients operating here, always taking care of the development of its employees and the up-to-datedness of their knowledge.  

Combined with our German quality standards and access to proven software this lets us tailor our payroll services to your needs.


  • reporting in Polish, German and English;
  • processing bank transfers;
  • using the employee portal.

Our payroll outsourcing proposal in Poland may cover full payroll accounting or only certain aspects.


  • setting up the payroll accounting files in our payroll system;
  • compiling monthly payrolls of employees working under employment contracts and contracts of mandate, based on your source documents, i.e. employment contracts, civil law contracts, working time records, and other;
  • preparing monthly declarations of social and health insurance contributions, and e-filing them with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • informing the employees about monthly remuneration (payslips) and annual insurance;
  • registering the employees with the Social Insurance Institution;
  • preparing monthly declarations of contributions to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) and handling subsidies to wages payable to disabled employees under the SODIR system;
  • preparing annual personal income tax returns (PIT-40 forms) and information on personal income tax (PIT-11, IFTR forms);
  • handling administrative and court enforcements against the employees' wages and salaries;
  • issuing remuneration certificates for the employees;
  • preparing remuneration reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS);
  • preparing and making wire transfers to the employees, and the tax authorities;
  • detailed reporting as requested by the client;
  • payroll advice.
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