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The Receipt HUB: e-receipts refreshed


by Maria Wośkowiak

28 August 2023

On 15 September 2023, new legislation will come into force that allows issuing and distributing cash register receipts to purchasers in electronic form, using a new receipt distribution system called Receipt HUB. 

What is the Receipt HUB

The Receipt HUB is a central, publicly accessible customer registration platform that will: 
  • link an anonymous customer to receipts issued by a cash register,
  • receive e-receipts issued by many cash registers,
  • distribute e-receipts to the customer.

So far, e-receipts have been used only by large retail chains, which have their own apps. The new regulations are expected to make e-receipts popular among smaller businesses, for which the costs of creating dedicated apps are too high. The changes are expected to gradually phase out paper receipts and to limit the grey market.  

How HUB works

You can download your e-receipt completely anonymously. You will only need a mobile app. It is enough for the purchaser to install an app on their device which, at their request, will connect to the receipt distribution system to download the generated identifier. The purchaser, while shopping, will present the cashier with their barcode identifier. Once the barcode is scanned, an e-receipt will automatically be sent to the customer's app. A paper receipt will not be printed at all. 

Voluntary tool  

The new receipt distribution system will be voluntary. This means that retailers will not be legally obliged to provide customers with e-receipts. However, if they decide to use that form of receipt distribution, they will need to update their online cash register software or purchase new devices equipped with the new tool. 

If you have any questions about the new tools, please contact us.  


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