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GLOBAL APPROACH – Digital Tax Transformation



Globalisation in tandem with digitalisation is changing the contemporary business world. For many companies this means incorporating digital technologies into their overall business processes, including tax accounting.

Globalisation of the economy and overlapping domestic tax laws in global transactions lead to regulatory gaps in tax laws. The BEPS Action Plan of the OECD sets guidelines for countries on how to prevent tax evasion.

The BEPS Action Plan of the OECD has focused on transfer pricing as a tax planning instrument and has issued comprehensive documentation requirements. The new requirements offer the opportunity to realign the process of creating transfer pricing documentation and to combine it with the extensive possibilities of digitalisation. The new era of the OECD’s uniform guidelines for the preparation of transfer pricing guidelines allows the derivation of standardisable structures and recurring processes.

Rödl & Partner have bundled this potential of transfer pricing documentation in the Global Approach for you, in order to move one step closer to the elimination of time-consuming routine activities. The Global Approach combines our experience from numerous global transfer pricing documentation projects and ensures that your transfer pricing documentation is implemented efficiently and consistently.

How the tool developed by Rödl & Partner works can be seen in the following video:




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