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Support for hydrogen projects


​by Magdalena Skurowska

24 August 2023

The call for applications for funding from the Hydrogenation of the Economy Programme is about to open.

It is intended to help develop a low-carbon and zero-carbon economy by supporting projects involving hydrogen technologies along with technical infrastructure – for the production, storage, transport and use of hydrogen.

Programme objective

To create a Polish hydrogen industry and increase the use of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

Programme beneficiaries 

Enterprises that have their registered office or branch in Poland.

Programme budget

Funding will be provided in the form of a grant or a loan. The programme budget is 1,109,778 thousand zloty, including:
  • non-repayable aid – 359,778 thousand zloty, 
  • repayable aid – 750,000 thousand zloty.

Types of eligible projects

1. Development of low-carbon/ renewable hydrogen production capacity, e.g.:
  • construction of renewable hydrogen production facilities,
  • construction of low-carbon hydrogen production facilities.

Call for applications: 1 September to November 2023.

2. Construction of hydrogen infrastructure, e.g.:
  • construction, expansion and modernisation of transmission and distribution networks for hydrogen transport, 
  • construction of hydrogen storage facilities with technical infrastructure for storage and injection.

Call for applications: 2 November 2023 to 31 January 2024.

3. Industrial use of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen aimed at decarbonising the process, e.g.:
  • use of hydrogen in energy-intensive processes, 
  • use of hydrogen for electricity and heat production,
  • use of hydrogen as a feedstock in chemical processes (e.g. ammonia production).

Call for applications: 2 November 2023 to 31 January 2024.

4. Innovative hydrogen-powered transport units, including:
  • R&D projects involving hydrogen-powered units,
  • increasing production capacity for innovative hydrogen-powered transport units, e.g. by building a production line or factory.

The above projects will be funded from a separate budget of almost 1.2 billion zloty.

Call for applications: 1 September to 30 November 2023. 

If you run an enterprise and do not know how to apply for funding granted under the aid programmes – contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions related to every aid programme and to provide you with end-to-end support.


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