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New schedule of calls for proposals under the FEnIKS 2021-2027 programme


by ​Magdalena Skurowska

12 April 2023

The schedule of calls for proposals under the European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate, Environment (in Polish: FEnIKS) 2021-2027 programme was updated on 31 March 2023. Among other things, the dates of calls for proposals targeting businesses have been published. The programme has a total budget of more than 24 billion euro.

It is to improve conditions for sustainable development in Poland by building modern technical and social infrastructure. The programme is also addressed to enterprises that can expect support for, among other things, the following projects:   

  • improvement of energy efficiency (including installation of RES) in large and medium-sized enterprises,
  • construction, conversion, modernisation and expansion of renewable energy sources for the production of biomethane, including connection to the gas network, 
  • construction and modernisation of a smart power grid,
  • construction, expansion and modernisation of smart gas transmission networks with associated infrastructure,
  • construction or expansion of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity and/or heat from biogas, including energy storage facilities.

If you run an enterprise and intend to: 

  1. invest in energy infrastructure to help increase the share of green energy from renewable sources,
  2. modernise your plant buildings for energy efficiency,
  3. improve your manufacturing and supporting processes and utility systems to improve the energy efficiency,
  4. implement hydrogen, biomethane and biogas technologies,

– you are welcome to apply for funding from the programme. 

The aid from the programme will be granted in the form of repayable loans and non-repayable grants.

If you have questions about aid programmes for businesses in Poland, please contact our experts.


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