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State of epidemic emergency continued


​by Maciej Ogórek

4 April 2023

The Council of Ministers issued on 27 March a regulation amending the regulation on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and prohibitions in connection with the state of epidemic emergency. It extends certain measures which were to apply until 31 March. At the same time, the regulation announcing the state of epidemic emergency remains valid until further notice. 

This means that not only do we still have to cover our mouth and nose in pharmacies and other healthcare establishments, but also the other legal measures introduced for the duration of the epidemic remain in force. 

Legal measures in force during the state of epidemic emergency concern many aspects of our life. Among other things:

  • the special measures applicable to pending court proceedings remain in force; 
  • employees ordered to work from home during the epidemic may continue to work this way; 
  • blood donating employees are still entitled to an extra day off. 

The short, just one-month, extension of the safety measures may suggest that the government plans to call off the state of epidemic emergency in the near future.  

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