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Each enterprise must have a PUE ZUS account starting from the new year


​by Monika Spotowska

20 October 2022

Breakthroughs in communication with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) are coming.

The Act of 24 June 2021 amending the Social Insurance System Act and some other acts makes it necessary for all enterprises to have an active profile on the Electronic Services Portal of the Social Insurance Institution (PUE ZUS) starting from the new year.


Payers only have until 30 December 2022 to set up an account. If the enterprise fails to fulfil its obligation, ZUS itself will set up an account by 31 January 2023. However, the payer will have to provide its email address to ZUS. Do not delay the meeting of that obligation.

What are the benefits of a PUE ZUS account

So far, the obligation to have a profile in the PUE ZUS ICT system applied only to withholders paying contributions for more than five people. Next year, the obligation will apply to everyone – it will not matter whether the enterprise hires employees at all. 
ZUS will use the Electronic Services Portal to send correspondence to the payer.

Enterprises will use the system to send electronic documents to ZUS and receive official correspondence. The payer will also have, among other things, immediate access to information on sick leave of its employees using its PUE ZUS profile.
If you have any questions about how to set up an account on the PUE ZUS portal or how it operates, please contact our experts.


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