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Changes in the SENT system


by Tadeusz Piekłowski

28 March 2022​


New groups of goods have been covered by the SENT system since 22 February 2022.

Solvents and thinners classified under CN code 3814

Solvents and thinners classified under CN code 3814, containing more than 70% by weight of petroleum oils, other than goods classified under that code containing ethyl alcohol, have been covered by SENT – a system for monitoring freight transport of by road and rail and trading in heating fuels. Dispatches of those goods weighing more than 500 kg or whose volume exceeds 500 litres must be reported to the system.
The obligation to report does not apply to transport of goods covered by customs procedures and re-exportation, as well as for pre-packaged goods up to 11 litres in volume – they are exempt from that obligation.


The SENT system applies now also to waste in the meaning of the Waste Act, other than listed in the SENT Act, which:

  • is shipped to Poland or transited through Poland from one EU Member State to another EU Member State or
  • is shipped under Regulation (EC) No. 1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on shipments of waste.


The obligation to report does not apply to waste shipments referred to in Article 3(2) of Regulation 1013/2006 if the amount of waste in the consignment does not exceed 20 kg.
The changes do not affect the forms used to send, supplement and update SENT shipment notifications, or the forms of notifications for non-visual processing of notifications.
If you have any questions about the shipment of and trade in goods under the SENT system, please contact Rödl & Partner experts.


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