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Call for applications for grants for automation and robotisation in SMEs from Eastern regions


​by Magdalena Skurowska

22 August 2023 

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development has launched a call for proposals of "Automation and robotisation in SME" projects financed from the European Funds for Eastern Poland programme. The call budget is 100 million zloty.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises may present projects that accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0 through automation and robotisation. The proposals may be submitted until 8 November 2023. 


Grants in this aid programme are available to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which operate in Eastern Poland, i.e. the following six provinces: 
  • Lubelskie 
  • Podkarpackie 
  • Podlaskie
  • Świętokrzyskie
  • Warmińsko-mazurskie 
  • parts of Mazowieckie (excluding Warsaw and the surrounding districts) 

The aid is available for:
  • a technological audit and development of a road map for transition to Industry 4.0,
  • investment activities, i.e. purchase of automatic machines, robots and other equipment and machinery, as well as software,
  • support in installation and implementation of new assets, through training and consultations. 

Businesses have an opportunity to obtain aid in the form of non-repayable grants and conditional grants up to 85% of the project's eligible expenses, depending on the expense type and the form of state aid.  
If you run an enterprise and do not know how to apply for funding granted under the aid programmes – contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions related to every aid programme and to provide you with end-to-end support.  


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