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Call for applications for funding for digital innovation research and development projects


by Magdalena Skurowska 

18 October 2022

Applications for funding as part of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014–2021: Fast Track – Digital Innovation may be submitted from 19 October to 4 November 2022. 

The competition budget is 645 million zloty, of which 215 million zloty are earmarked for large enterprises' projects and are intended to support investment projects all over Poland, although the share of the aid for entities from the Mazowieckie province has been significantly reduced.

Who is the aid for?

If your company or consortium is planning to implement an R&D project on:

  • cybersecurity, 
  • digitalisation of industry,
  • digital creative technologies

and if the project results in the development of an innovative solution that can be implemented in business, it is worth taking an interest in this latest competition launched under the old EU financial perspective.

Scope of aid

Grants will be awarded for the development, testing and eventual implementation of innovative technologies and products in the enterprise.

The minimum amount of eligible costs is 5 million zloty and the maximum is 50 million zloty.

The possible level of funding for large enterprises will be as follows:

  • for industrial research – 50% + a bonus of 15%
  • for development work – 25% + a bonus of 15%
  • for pre-implementation work – 90% (with a cap for de minimis aid).

The level of funding for R&D work for medium-sized enterprises will be additionally increased by 10% and for small enterprises – by 20%.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about the programme and to advise you on how to apply for the funding. You are welcome to contact us.


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Magdalena Skurowska

New investment expert

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