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13th package of economic sanctions on Russia


by ​Alicja Szyrner

5 March 2024

On the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Council adopted its 13th package of economic sanctions on Russia, which, among other things:

  • Covered a further 194 entities. Thus, the number of entities sanctioned by the EU has already exceeded 2,000.
  • The list of products whose sale in Russia or to Russian entities is prohibited has been extended. These products include: components used in the development and production of drones, i.e. electrical transformers, converters, and inductors, and aluminium capacitors.

In view of the new and the existing obligations connected with the imposed sanctions as well as the financial and criminal liability for non-compliance with them, we recommend that you thoroughly screen your potential contracting parties and the nature of your transactions.

To identify risks and implement adequate procedures to safeguard your interests, contact our experts. 


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