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Jarosław Hein


Attorney at law (Poland), Tax adviser (Poland)


Profile - Overview

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– in Rödl & Partner since 2005, 

– since 2008 he has acted as head of the legal and tax department in Rödl & Partner's office in Gliwice,

– he was appointed as Associate Partner in 2013 and as Partner in July 2020,

– listed at the District Bar Association in Katowice,

– author of publications and articles in national and foreign press.


– law graduate of Jagiellonian University in Cracow. 




Selected publications 

– Restrukturyzacja w czasie pandemii »

– 3 nowe zawody prawnicze: Compliance Officer, AML Officer i Inspektor Ochrony Danych » 


– defends clients in criminal and fiscal criminal cases​,
– represents injured companies in business crime cases, ​
– represents taxpayers in dealings with tax authorities and administrative courts​,
– represents foreign creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings​,
– M&A transactions, including legal and tax due diligence,
– contractual obligations law.

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